I have a leak on tap! how to fix

I have a leak on tap! how to fix

Who did not have this problem ever a faucet that continues to leak and drives us crazy not? Today I will teach you how to solve a common problem that we can solve ourselves if we dare. come on!

We will need some tools

  • Screwdriver
  • A key parrot beak
  • Teflon tape
  • a valve for tap

When we remove the screw we will be able to remove the handle from the faucet that allows us to open or close the tap, then remove the following nut adjusting rod and that we will meet with the valve, what we must do is remove the old valve and put in the new place (should place it in the shaft first and then insert it into the tap to make sure it is good) then we put a few turns of Teflon stem threads to ensure that absolutely lose any water, we screw the stem threaded pass us strongly without obviously not to break anything, then back to tighten the screw, the handle and ready resolved work. the valve that normally will change if a tap interior is 1/2 and has to ask when we will buy it, we just follow the steps of the image and then change the old stem this new and ready our problem this turned out. any questions do not hesitate to send a message to this address [email protected] am at your service.

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